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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Toy Review: Perplexus Rookie from imaginetoys.com

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i absolutely ADORE imagine toys!  i love how they are picky about the toys they carry because we're definitely picky about the toys our sons are allowed to have.  my sons duke and damien have great imaginations and imagine toys is the type of shop that caters to their love of different, quality toys.  i had been eyeballing a few items on their site because of several twitter contests and i was thrilled when i had the opportunity to work with them! when the box arrived from imagine toys, duke was so excited as was i, i had no idea what we were sent and it was all part of the fun.  inside was a perplexus rookie - which made duke all the more curious.  i didn't even have to explain it to him, somehow he knew that he had to get that little silver ball through the maze.  for the first day, he played with the rookie for over 3 hours straight and on the second day, he played with it for another 3 hours and finally, he got that silver ball into this little plastic dome and celebrated! duke says:  he loves perplexus rookie because he felt like he had a job to do and couldn't stop doing his job until he got the ball "home".  he also loves that it had a stand and he can set it up in his "library".  duke also says it's very fun and he would love to share it with his classmates and friends. i love perplexus rookie because it kept duke focused on a task and he didn't give up!  i was amazed at how many hours he spent playing with the rookie and he has asked what other toys perplexus offers.  i even caught C playing with this toy and duke is always asking to look at imaginetoys.com highly recommended by our family!!! buy perplexus rookie from imagine toys for $21.95 - recommended for ages 6-10 So excited about Perplexus Rookie from Imagine Toys Perplexus Rookie from Imagine Toys concentrating but having fun! disclosure: i received a perplexus rookie, free of charge, to review from imaginetoys.com -  all views/opinions solely are our own .

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