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Sunday, September 11, 2011

My First Klout Perk!

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from sharpie!  you can't even imagine how excited i was that i qualified for this perk - i've been a fan of sharpie since i was in jr. high. what is klout?  when you recommend, share and create content you impact others.  klout measures that influence on a scale from 1 to 100.  my klout score fluctuates between 58 - 60 and i still don't (who does?) understand how klout works - i just know that klout says i'm influential about blogging, food, concerts, california, san diego, video, lady gaga, amy winehouse, dallas mavericks and rihanna.  i find it funny about lady gaga, amy winehouse, dallas mavericks and rihanna but the others make sense.  definitely stuff i talk about all the time.  it would be ideal to have a klout score in the 60s-70s range but i'll take what i can get for now.  i have to continue to build my network and create content.  my advice is to interact and engage on twitter.  and if you have a private twitter - your score will remain between 1-10. so for family, friends and coworkers that always ask - this is why i twitter! my first klout perk: sharpie!my first klout perk: sharpie!my first klout perk: sharpie!my first klout perk: sharpie!my first klout perk: sharpie! when we did some back to school shopping, i eyed these 80s glam sets at walmart - was so happy to get them for free! my first klout perk: sharpie! my next klout perk should be arriving anyday now - wonder what axe has in store! disclosure: i was given a free product or sample because i'm a klout influencer. i was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. i get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

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Toy Review: Hexbug Nano

*moved from my old blog*

C & I aren't the type of parents to research a toy when one of the kids asks us to buy - if the price is right and it doesn't promote violence, we're usually game. I received a Hexbug Nano Glow In The Dark Set while at BlogHer '11 from the Mom Select Swag Suite. I've seen the products at my local Target and honestly, wish I had bought them sooner because Hexbugs are very entertaining and educational.  We've since bought an additional Hexbug, Hex Cells and Curved Bridges. Duke loves creating different tracks with various curved pieces, hex cells and hexagons - There are hundreds of endless possibilites and he doesn't get bored (or stuck) with only one track.  You can also close areas to contain the nanos.  The nanos are interesting in themselves, you turn on a switch at the bottom and they vibrate which facilitates their movement.  When they are full of hexbug food (aka batteries) they move so fast and it's funny to watch them bump into eachother or even flip on their side.  Duke has also showed me that nanos play well with other toys - he builds tracks with his Legos and adds pieces to the hexagons so they are 2 story.  His creativity + imagination runs wild!

Duke says: Hexbugs are robotic creatures, they move on tracks and they do great. They hit each other and smash in walls. They flip by themselves and can go fast. you can get them by themselves or with tracks.  I love them! 

Highly recommended by our family!!! Hexbug Nano Habitat Set Hexbug Nano Habitat Set He was so happy Inspecting the Nanos Love how you can make different tracks Different ways to set up! Nano traffic jam Nano line On our fridgeGuess what's on someone's christmas list? On his Christmas list!

Here's my 5 year old being silly with a Hexbug!
  Duke being silly with Hexbug from textdrivebys on Vimeo.

Hexbug Nanos are recommended for ages 3+ - Hexbug can be found at Target, Walmart and Toys R Us.  The hexbug nano glow in the dark set is $12.99 directly from hexbug.com - $14.99 from amazon.com the hexbug nano habitat set is $24.99 directly from hexbug.com - $21.19 from amazon.com for more information on hexbug nano and other products innovation first international offers, visit hexbug.com / @hexbug

 Disclosure: I received a hexbug nano glow in the dark starter set and hexbug nano habitat set, free of charge, to review.  All views/opinions solely are our own .

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Duke's First Day of Kindergarten

*moved from my old blog*

duke's first day of kindergarten!
duke is wearing a paul frank hoodie ($12.99 from tj maxx), lego batman t-shirt ($7 from walmart), H & M denim shorts ($9.99 from H&M) & vans ($23.99 from WSS) - the only thing new are his vans.
that's our boy!  this day was harder for C & i than it was for him.  i'm proud of us though, we didn't cry when he waved bye to us.  in fact, it's like he didn't even want us there - i took out my camera to take pictures of him while waiting with his classmates and he gave me a look and kept waving me off.  it was funny. duke was in a private preschool 2 whole days a week for a year so he is somewhat used to school life.  he's a really picky eater so we packed him a lunch but when we picked him up he told us he ate the cafeteria lunch of nachos, a banana and milk - he was so proud and so were we!!!  this is a huge step! we had a set of rules & reminders that we kept going over with him:
  • don't say "crap"
  • listen to your teacher
  • make sure you eat at lunch because there's no snack time like in preschool
  • if you take off your hoodie, put it in your backpack
  • don't forget your lunch bag - put it in your backpack
  • talk to your classmates, don't do all the talking yourself
  • listen to your teacher!
it is going to take some getting used to for all of us.  from what he told us, he likes his teacher and he had a good day... & so did we, C & i had a nice lunch out together.  enjoy parenting & teach your kids to enjoy their little lives! r
disclosure: duke's back to school outfit was purchased entirely with our own money.  

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