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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday is the best day to buy airline tickets

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i have been the go-to person when it comes to making travel plans for family and friends because i'm a pro at finding the best deals the internet can offer. my first piece of advice is in the title. i'll give you a recent example. my folks couldn't decide if they were going to attend my cousin irene's wedding in may in alabama. my auntie lou always advises flying into atlanta, georgia and they'll either make the 90 minute trek to the airport to pick up family or visiting family can rent a car and make the drive. so around march, when i helped my moms "look around" at airfare, the cheapest was about $300 a person which for my mama's budget was insane. april comes around and she calls me saying that my sister saw $550 roundtrip total for 3 people on continental - since i was out shopping, i decided to go to android market and download the continental app and check it out. sure enough, my sister was right but of course, in my moms true fashion, she said to wait. the next day happened to be a wednesday and i decide to look again and this time it's almost $1400 roundtrip for 3 people, i call my mom back and she was bummed. i told her to wait till tuesday and we'll see again - that whole time i decided to check everyday to see where the fares would go and it did not change. that tuesday, it was back at $550 and we went for it. SCORE! the day you depart can also affect ticket prices as well and how far in advance you purchase so don't wait till the last minute to buy your airfare unless there's a last minute travel special.  i also advise reading the small print! my other secret weapon is priceline.com but i don't only use priceline, i actually log into my bigcrumbs.com account, do a search for priceline and click on the link from there so i can get money back! bigcrumbs is awesome and if you are an online shopper, you should ALWAYS check to see if the companies you purchase from are partnered up with 'em. here's a screenshot to get an idea of how much i've spent and how much i get. does it work? YES! i received my first cashback this month!  it might not seem much to some but i consider it a rebate without all the crazy hassle.  i love getting the most out of my money. i also have ebates but i prefer bigcrumbs.  if bigcrumbs doesn't offer a cashback from a certain company, i check if ebates does.  also, sometimes ebates offers more cashback than bigcrumbs and vice versa - do the finger work, it'll pay off!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tacos San Pedro

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we've passed this place a million times but it looked like a bad, BAD hole in the wall.  the area it's in is pretty sketchy too so that was another negative.  it always looks busy so i should've listened to the food network host inside me and given it a chance.  we went on saturday after an adventure at the cypress college swap meet - the tables were all taken and there was a mix of different cultures enjoying lunch.  i chalked it up to another positive sign of good food. i wanted carnitas with rice & beans but didn't see it on the menu so C asked if they could do that type of plate, yes.  C ordered a carne asada burrito with a side of rice and we decided to split a can of coke.  our total was about $14 and some change.  we went to stand near the door to wait for our order when a table opened up and we grabbed it, 10 minutes later our number was called and our plates looked SOOO GOOD.  the mexican rice was so good, orange in color and full of flavor - it was so fresh too.  the beans were just as good.  my carnitas were tender and not old, greasy or charred like i've had at other places.  i don't mind burnt ends but this was without, it was excellent.  C loved the rice too, we couldn't stop talking about it.  his burrito was huge and full of carne asada, they don't skimp on meat.  the carne asada looked fresh too - the way all food should be. i have been craving tacos san pedro since last week but we haven't been back.  i guarantee you more trips will be in the future.  AND if you know me, i usually read yelp reviews before trying a new place out but i didn't this time - in fact, i just checked yelp before i decided to blog about it and can co-sign the positive reviews. TACOS SAN PEDRO 3240 W. Lincoln Avenue Anaheim, CA 92801 (714) 484-0802 Tacos San Pedro. Anaheim, CA

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Angelo's Burgers

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the best mom & pop burger i've ever had is from angelo's burgers.  C & i came across this place by chance, after leaving our college to check out art supply warehouse.  angelo's is out of the way from where we live but the burgers are THAT GOOD and worth the drive.  i think the hamburger, fries and drink special we get is $5.29  - they have the usual mom & pop fare like breakfast served all day, mexican food and new york steak dinners for $8.  we have yet to try anything else out because like i said, their burgers are GOOD. we usually go during the week and it's fairly busy but we went on sunday and it was super busy. lots of families having breakfast in the afternoon and friends just hanging out at the local burger joint. Angelo's. Garden Grove, CA Angelo's. Garden Grove, CA Angelo's. Garden Grove, CA ANGELO'S BURGERS 11511 Westminster Blvd. Garden Grove, CA 92843 (714) 636-0277

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