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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ice Cream: Neveria La Flor de Mexico

This was originally posted on 9/16/09 at my old blog textdrivebys.com

Stanton is a small city in Orange County to the west of Anaheim and it isn't known for much.  Other cities in Orange County point at them and laugh.  Well maybe not anymore, there has been a good growth of QUALITY food venues making Stanton their home.  Probably because of cheaper rent. One such establishment is a cute little Mom & Pop ice cream parlor called Neveria la Flor de Mexico.  The pink & white striped walls remind me of old school ice cream shops.  The people running the place are very helpful and friendly.  I had a ton of questions regarding their wide array of flavors and they didn't treat me like an idiot.  From what I gathered, they make all the ice creams and paletas (ice cream bar) right there. My favorite is Angel's Kiss (cherry ice cream with almonds, raisins & cherries maybe even marshmallows?).  I also tried coconut pineapple but didn't really care for the super frozen pineapple bits in it.  Their scoop portions are huge, for my 2 scoops I paid $2.60

Nevaria la Flor de Mexico
7151 Katella Ave Stanton, CA 90680
(714) 761-2813

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